A little bit about us!

Who are we?

 I n 1996 Marty Mummert founded Mummert Sign Company. Relying solely on talent and determination Marty began hand crafting his signs one at a time. It was his desire to create hand crafted work that propelled Marty into a world full of imagination and fun. Word quickly spread and demand for the one of a kind signs increased.  Marty decided to shift into overdrive. By launching his line of original tin signs, Marty cemented his name as the leader in vintage signage.

A Mummert sign can be spotted just about anywhere. Marty’s award winning line of signs have been featured in magazines such as Country Living, Cottage Living and Better Homes and Gardens.  They’ve appeared on sitcoms such as “Friends”, “Yes Dear”, “The New Adventures of Old Christine” and many more.  Movie production companies continue to request Marty’s work for background set dressings because of the truly vintage look of his artwork. Food Network featured Marty and his signs in an episode of “Unwrapped”. Take a close look at “Wild Hogs” or “Invincible” and you’ll see a Mummert Sign in the background. From a Black Eyed Peas music video to a Jared’s Jewelers commercial, Marty’s signs have been used just about anywhere.

 Marty’s line of tin signs are now customizable! In 2010 Marty partnered with Meissenburg Designs to mass produce his line of signs. Combining Marty’s original art and Meisseburg’s customizing abilities you can now purchase any of his designs customized to your needs!

 In 2012 Marty expanded his business into a full time design studio. From logos to print work. From custom signs to licensed art. Marty has designed for clients such as Bubba Gump Restaurants, Obey Clothing, Red Wing Shoes, Kohr’s Family Ice Cream and many more. Marty Mummert’s award winning craftsmanship continues to surpass clients expectations.

 Feel free to contact us to get more information, get a quote on a project or make an inquiry for licensed art!


What do we offer?

Using traditional hand lettering techniques and a big imagination, Marty creates one of a kind signs that exceed every clients needs. From home decor to a business marquee, Marty’s signs bring life and color to any environment.

If you’re looking for a vintage, hand lettered look or a modern, clean feel we’ve got you covered. Using various methods, we can accommodate the style and design you are looking for.

In a world of computers and laptops it’s hard to come by hand drawn designs and lettering. Marty excels in providing original art created by hand and raw talent.

With solid strategy and a bright imagination we can build a stand out logo and branding strategy to market to your clients needs.

Whether you’re looking for an event poster or a brochure for your business, we can provide a quality design that incorporates your needs with a touch of Marty’s signature style.

Contact for licensing and commissioned art opportunities.


,, He just sent us a sign of french fries that are covered in salt. That’s Marty. That quirky. There is no one else like him. What an amazing craftsman he is!
Laura Meissenburg
,, Unlike other sign painters, who restore timeworn works or make reproductions of classic advertisements, Mummert's pieces are brand-new, the ideas delivered by his imagination and whims!